HBO's 'Girls' Is Not the New 'Sex in the City' -- It's Way Crazier! (VIDEO)

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I'm gonna be straight up with you: HBO's new comedy series Girls may not be for you. You're probably hearing a lot of hype about this show. It's original. It's groundbreaking. It's hilarious. It's smart. It's the best new TV show of 2012. Having seen the first three episodes, I can attest: All true.

It's also raunchy, irreverent, twisted, and vulgar. There are abortion jokes. The sex is explicit, awkward, and just plain weird. It's not Sex in the City and there are no "hello lover" fabulous shoes. Just four young women floundering their way through New York City making foolish mistake after foolish mistake.

And that's why I love it.


Its creator, Lena Dunham, is all of 25 years old (26 next month but who's counting). Did I mention I hate/envy her? Just kidding. No, seriously, I hate her. No, I love her. She's so self-aware and funny! We would totally be best friends if I weren't old enough to be her mother. Did I mention I totally hate her?

I'm heading off track here. The point is, while everyone falls all over themselves comparing this show to Sex and the City* -- the young and broke version -- Lena Dunham's character Hannah is shoving cupcake after cupcake into her mouth, basically chewing up the second most recognized symbol of that other HBO show. Is it sick that this is my favorite line? 

I want you to know, the first time I f*ck you, I might scare you a little. Because I'm a man. And I know how to do things. See you later.

Mostly because it means at least one of the characters will get properly laid this season (I hope?). Also because I want someone to say it to me someday. Here's what else you'll see on Girls: People getting high on opium tea; a perfectly good job interview undone by a rape joke; girls dancing together; girls having a conversation in the bathroom while one is on the toilet; a gynecological exam, but from the right perspective.

girls hbo

I am so with that gynecologist: You could not pay me to be 24 again. But I'm happy to watch! Why is any of this funny? Because. It is. 

By the way, Judd "Bromance" Apatow is an executive producer. Are you Girls Curious but don't have HBO? They're letting us watch the premiere episode for FREE starting Monday, April 16 on and

*I loved SATC. Calm down, I'm not dissing it.

Are you a fan of boundary-pushing shows like Girls or are they too much for you?


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