'Child Celebrities Oppose Kirk Cameron' PSA Is a Hilarious Blast from the Past (VIDEO)

ccokcRemember when Kirk Cameron popped back into the headlines and we were all, "Oh hey, Mike Seaver from Growing Pains! I loved that show." But then he opened his mouth and started spouting off about gay marriage being destructive to the foundations of civilization, and we were all, "Ew, he grew up to be a homophobe weirdo! LAME." That was super disappoiting for Mike Seaver fans. And gay people.

Well, it turns out it was also super disappointing to Kirk's fellow child stars. And so, they banded together to form an organization: Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron, or CCOKC. Then they made an important PSA video to let us know that 1. Kirk Cameron is so, so wrong and 2. Hey, look, we grew up to be relatively sane!


Haven't you always wondered what the kid from Mr. Belvedere grew up to look like? Or the kid from The Parent 'Hood? Or the kid from Charles in Charge? You haven't? Me neither, and clearly I cannot even remember their characters' names.

But I'm pleased to report that they have all aged tremendously well -- not a one looks older than 35! More importantly, they're funny as hell and they make some pretty sharp points about what a bigoted knucklehead Kirk Cameron is. I pity the fool who uses the ancient Greeks as an argument against homosexuality.


SIGH, Keith Coogan, I'll babysit for you any time. Oh -- hello! Anyway, thanks CCOKC, for turning our Kirk Cameron frowns upside-down.

Do you remember these shows and former child stars?


Image via funnyordie.com

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