'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Reveals Surprising Religious Beliefs

MTV's Teen Mom is more famous for displaying the train wreck that happens when children too young to procreate become parents. But rarely does the show delve into spiritual issues or discuss religious beliefs. Now Kailyn Lowry, mom to Isaac, who famously broke up with her boyfriend in order to date someone new, has come out to discuss hers. And they are surprising.

Lowry is an atheist. And she is, apparently, quite intelligent and smart about that, too.

On Twitter, Lowry responded to one angry tweet that called her "ignorant" with this:


Being ignorant is pushing your beliefs on other people. I can still be a good person if I don't believe in God.

Wow. Right on Kailyn. I have always thought Kailyn was one of the smarter, more independent moms on the show, but now I really see it. Clearly she is independent, can thinking for herself and is not afraid to stand up for herself. 

It is a far cry from Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood and the other girls who manage only to be stereotypes of teen motherhood.

Kailyn goes to school, she has her own place, she breaks up with people when she needs to and she stands up for herself and her son. She is a shining example of when teen motherhood goes right.

I find it especially fascinating that Lowry chose to birth and keep her baby given her lack of religious beliefs. Many teens probably make their choices based on a belief in God. But you know what? It only makes me respect her more.

She made her own choice with no pressure from her parents or her church or anyone else and she is working to support her son and taking full responsibility for it all.

If my daughter were like Kailyn (minus the early pregnancy), I would be quite proud, indeed. Her distant, bizarre mother clearly did something right.

Do you think Kailyn is a good teen mom?


Image via MTV

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