'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Will Totally Regret Her 'Hate'-ful Tweets

maci bookoutAwww! Teen Mom Maci Bookout is totally in love with her new BF, supercross racer Kyle Regal and striving to make long-distance love work, even though it's driven her to tweet, "fml." And actually, that's not all she's tweeting about her relationship. It seems that in an effort to keep in touch, Maci and Kyle have been tweet-flirting back and forth, taunting one another about their "love-hate relationship."

Maci tweeted, "@kyleREGAL for sure is on the 'hate' train today.... good thing i can kick his ass in 2 days." He responded,
is this where the "love/hate relationship" comes in effect?" (He was reference an exchange they had last week, when Maci tweeted an Instagram photo with the caption "love/hate relationship.") Then she replied, "xactly u love me i hate you ... im kiddeeeen." Cute, right? Except ... why do I feel like I'm reading private text messages?


Go ahead, call me an out-of-touch Granny. (I'm just 28, but I always say the couple of years my peers and I have on teens and young 20-somethings today seems to make a huge difference in the way we both use social media.) No matter your age, though, I truly don't see why anyone (especially celebs who are often kvetching that they don't have a private life to speak of!) would want to share their most personal exchanges with the entire Twitterverse.

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Granted, Maci and Kyle's tweets are harmless, sweet, playful, but still ... Isn't there something to be said for keeping those flirty thoughts to themselves, for not letting everyone, including complete strangers, in on their blossoming relationship?

Maybe I don't get it because I'm engaged to a guy who is so private that he doesn't even have a Facebook account. Yeah, we send each other flirtatious texts once in a while and are always affectionate, but our sweetest exchanges are always saved for face-to-face, in private. And for us, at least, that makes it mean so much more.

Sure, long-distance is hard, but hopefully, Maci and Kyle realize it's easier to keep a spark alive when they're not constantly sharing what's in their heart via 140-character messages.

Do you think it's a bad idea to flirt with your S.O. on Twitter  or Facebook?

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