Jennifer Love Hewitt's Breasts Digitally REDUCED in Ad for Erotic Massage TV Show (VIDEO)

While she's endured more than her share of unfair body criticisms over the years, no one has ever denied the fact that Jennifer Love Hewitt has an epically awesome rack. Her chest is actually somewhat of a Hollywood anomaly, being as how she sports a spectacular double D cup size that's reportedly completely untouched by a surgeon's hands. God bless natural boobs, and god bless Jennifer Love Hewitt for having a hooter-positive attitude about her above-the-waist assets: "I like my boobs. They’ve always served me well. They’re good."

In fact, Jennifer Love Hewitt just may have made entertainment history recently, because it appears that her boobs may be the first to be used to sell a television show ... by being digitally reduced.


JLH stars as a single-mom-turned-erotic-masseuse in a new Lifetime series called The Client List, and her appearance in the ads for the show seem custom-designed to show off her enviable curves. Hewitt is shown with a smoldering expression and very little in the way of clothing, and her impressive bosom is on full display.

In one ad, that is. In another, she's apparently undergone a dramatic breast reduction.

It seems Lifetime did a little creative Photoshopping for a second version of the ad, which is identical in every way except for Hewitt's breast size. The "tamer" ad is running in Entertainment Weekly, among other places, which Hewitt says she wasn't aware of until recently:

Somebody sent me a copy of the photograph, and I was like, "Um, what happened?" I'm not quite sure what's going on, but apparently somebody wanted me to have a boob reduction.

Take a look at her digital surgery:

Normally, the Photoshopping works in the other direction (Keira Knightley's chest was enlarged to advertise the film King Arthur, and even poor Emma Watson apparently endured a digital boob job for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix's poster), so Jennifer Love Hewitt's situation seems pretty unique—especially since it's so comically BLATANT. I mean, did Lifetime really think no one was going to notice this?

Apparently some magazines must have felt the original ad was too racy, so instead of reshooting the image with, say, less revealing lingerie, the network just decided to retouch Hewitt's natural shape. It's actually pretty funny that they needed a smaller-breasted woman to sell The Client List ... considering the show is all about a masseuse who gives happy endings. In other words: handjobs are less offensive than boobs. Duly noted, Lifetime.

What do you think about Lifetime altering Jennifer Love Hewitt's body for these ads?

Image via E!News

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