Uma Thurman on 'Smash' Will Out-Diva Ivy (VIDEO)

uma smashUma Thurman was on Smash last night! For six seconds. Okay, after all the hype, that was kind of anticlimactic, but it looks like we're in for some more Umaness. She goes all diva and makes everyone miss Ivy. Fine, speaking for myself about that Ivy part, but Uma definitely pulls some serious diva moves next week. It won't last, though! I can already tell. Uma is going to be a flash in the pan. Hi Uma! Bye Uma! Here's why.


Know how Smash is all about singing and dancing? Yeah, Uma's character Rebecca Duvall is apparently not so into that. In next week's episode, she's going to try and talk Derek into taking some of "musical" out of Bombshell, the musical. Check it out.

"I'd rather see less singing and dancing, you know?" NO, I DO NOT! At least, that's what those of us who are watching Smash for the singing and dancing are thinking. As much as I loathe that sneaky assistant Ellis (actually, I'm starting to like him), I don't think I'm going to like Rebecca Duvall at all.

"Suddenly I break into sooooooooooooong!" Finally, a sneak peek of what Uma sounds like singing! Not bad, but we're going to need a longer sample. What if it turns out she can't sing or dance at all that that's what this is all about? That would be awesome! -ly funny.

And yes, we all know it's ridiculous the way characters just break into song in musicals. But that's what makes them fun! You'll need your sense of Uma to watch next week's episode.

One more thing: Julia is totes going to be pregnant with Michael's baby. You heard it here first! No, I don't have scoop. I'm just guessing because she and Frank were trying to adopt earlier and it just makes sense.

Do you think Uma Thurman's character, Rebecca Duvall, will turn out to be a weak singer and dancer?


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