'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Made a Mistake Getting Married Again

leah messerOh, for the love of Pete. When will the girls on Teen Mom learn that they don't have to be in such a huge rush to hit all the major milestones in life? They're always in such a hurry, and I seriously don't understand why. Unless it has something to do with furthering their reality TV careers. (Nah -- that can't be it.)

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer hasn't even been divorced from ex-husband Corey Sims for a year yet, but last week, she took the plunge and got married again.

Let me get this straight -- at 19 years old, this chick has already been married, given birth to twins, gotten divorced, gotten engaged, and remarried? Geez! I'm exhausted just thinking about doing all of that over a span of many years let alone before I even entered my 20s!


Leah tied the knot with her boyfriend Jeremy Calvert in front of 15-20 family and friends in Kentucky. Her twins, Aleeah and Ali, were in attendance, and of course, MTV just happened to be there (no way!) and caught the whole thing on tape. With any luck, we'll probably get to see the ceremony play out on the next season of the show. (Yippee!)

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Maybe I'm just an old bitty or a huge pessimist or something to that effect, but I can't help but think that Leah just made a huge mistake in getting hitched again. After all, her first marriage only lasted a mere six months, and that one was to her baby daddy. This new dude really doesn't stand a chance -- or does he? I mean, I guess this could be one of those once-in-a-lifetime love connections where they'll wind up growing old together and reminiscing about how they found love against all odds or something with a similar sap level. But somehow I just don't see that happening.

I guess if by some chance Leah and Jeremy do make it for the long haul, their story would make for an interesting reality show. I'd tune in for that one for sure.

Do you think Leah's second marriage will last?


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