'DWTS' Is Ruining Jaleel White's Lovable 'Urkel' Image (VIDEO)

jaleel whiteDancing With the Stars Season 14 is only a few shows in, but there is already some major drama going down with cast member Jaleel White. Turns out he's got a few skeletons in his closet -- and he may be hiding one hell of a temper behind his lovable "Steve Urkel" image. (Say it isn't so!)

Every time I picture Jaleel in my head, I see a skinny kid with huge glasses & his pants pulled up to his waist with suspenders smiling sweetly and saying, "Did I do that?"

Wow. I never would've figured that same question would follow Jaleel into the DWTS ballroom as well. Of course, this time he's not asking it simply because he knocked over a table or glued himself to a toilet seat or anything like that. Nope -- things have gone up a notch or two.

From allegations of abuse from his baby mama to claims that he had a major fight with partner Kym Johnson, Urkel's behavior has definitely been a hot topic. And Jaleel isn't exactly happy about it.


And while he doesn't necessarily regret going on DWTS despite the fact that he's being eaten alive in the tabloids, he does admit that he probably wouldn't have signed on for the show if he'd known how the press would tear him apart.

Um -- wait a minute. Didn't anyone give White the memo about the whole reality TV curse thing? Because it totally exists. (Just ask any Real Housewife.) While the idea of getting back into the spotlight and putting your life on display on a reality show is certainly appealing from a fame perspective, it also has the tendency to drum up old scandals, create brand new ones, and pretty much ruin the lives of everyone it touches.

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And while Urkel was just about the most innocent and lovable character on the planet, people are going to forget about all that and remember the negative stuff instead. Because sadly, that's just the way it works. Unfortunately for Jaleel, whether he takes home the DWTS trophy or not, most people from here on out will hear his name and say, "Isn't that the guy who went ballistic on his partner on Dancing With the Stars?"

Call me crazy, but something tells me he'd give just about anything to hear someone come up to him and say, "Got any cheese?" right about now.

Check out the video clip below to hear Jaleel White talk about the abuse claims against him.

Do you believe any of the allegations against Jaleel?


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