Most Dysfunctional '16 & Pregnant' Couple Are Expecting Another Baby

ebony jackson rendonEverybody, get ready to Shake. Your. Heads with disapproval: 16 & Pregnant couple Ebony Jackson-Rendon and Joshua Rendon are expecting another baby. Pregnant again -- already? These two need another baby like they need a hole in the head -- or like they need another litter of puppies.

It hasn't even been six months since Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services took Ebony and Joshua's daughter Joycelyn away and the couple were arrested for child endangerment, possession of drug paraphernalia, and a slew of other unsavory charges. Which makes me wonder, when DCFS takes away a child, should they maybe leave a year's supply of birth control behind?


Recall that these two hapless souls had their daughter removed because they were raising her in a filthy house filled with human and dog excrement, maggots, flies, and traces of synthetic marijuana. Ebony went into rehab for a week shortly after her arrest and then returned to rehab in November. She is 10 weeks along and the pregnancy was not planned. Oh yeah, and they still do not have custody of Joycelyn.

At this point saying that having another baby is a colossally bad idea would just be stating the obvious. It's what we are all already thinking. But our disdain is not going to help this situation a bit.

What I'm wondering is: What can be done to avoid yet another train wreck? Ebony and Josh swear up and down that they've cleaned up their act, and they probably really are trying. But if you get knocked up accidentally while you're still in recovery, obviously not all the pins in your bowling game are lined up correctly, know what I mean?

I know it's cruel, but I'm hoping Ebony and Josh have the maturity to give the baby up for adoption so they can focus on building a healthier home for the child they already have.

What do you think Ebony and Josh should do now that Ebony is expecting another baby?


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