Teen Girl Exorcism Squad Better Get a Reality Show or There'll Be Hell to Pay (VIDEO)

teenage girl exorcism squadYou may have seen these girls before: The Teen Girl Exorcism Squad, a trio of home-schooled girls who may-or-may-not perform exorcisms. You just have to wonder, are they for real? how big of a scam is this, and are the girls in on it? Regardless, if you're dying to see how this exorcism "show" goes down, you're in luck. The gal pals are considering a few reality TV offers.

Last week they were on Anderson Cooper, this week it was Nightline. They're definitely making the rounds, almost like some sort of demonic marketing testing. I mean -- excuse me, I don't know what possessed me to say that!

What's truly disturbing is that I would probably actually watch at least one episode of this nonsense.


How could I not? It's KRAY-ZEE, wrong in just the right ways! Aren't we all sick of watching orange-skinned kids getting drunk on the Jersey Shore? Yes we are -- and now for something completely different: Wackadoodle faux-religious performances. Let's get vaguely queasy exploring yet another fringe segment of America.

The girls are so ready for prime time, too. Why, Brynne has been in beauty pageants, and they're all so fresh-faced. Plus they already have nicknames -- just like comic book heroes.

And with supposedly 50 percent of the population affected by demons, the girls won't run out of good material for a long, long time. (By the way, it's called "Demon Affected Disorder.") My goodness, how do any of us get any work done, what with how possessed we are all the time? Is that why I'm always on Facebook? The devil made me "like" that Bone Pugz video! Think those pugs are possessed, too? Someone call the squad!

(No seriously, you have to watch that Bone Pugs vid. Now.)

Teen exorcist Brynne's preacher papa Bob Larsen insists, "We have to fund what we do." And the correct response is, "No you don't, you could just stop." But that's no fun for anyone. Can I get an amen? We'll just try not to think too much about all the mentally ill people who get exploited for the sake of this entertainment.

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Would you watch The Teen Girl Exorcism Squad if it became a television series?


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