'Teen Mom' Stars' Boob Jobs Are None of MTV's Business

Jenelle EvansWellllll, this is a first. Rumor has it MTV has decided to ban future boob jobs for the stars of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. Coming on the heels of rumors that Jenelle Evans is going in for a fake set of twins, it's got just enough possibility to it that I could see it happening. But that doesn't mean it should.

Yes, I just came down on the side of letting these girls have their breast enhancement surgeries. But let's just clear one thing up right now: I don't think they should have plastic surgery. I just don't think MTV gets to say what these girls do with their own bodies.


Because they are still the girls' bodies, correct? I mean, they've been a nice meal ticket for the producers since 16 & Pregnant first aired, but they only sold their kids' childhoods and their privacy for money that, admittedly, they wouldn't otherwise have to feed and clothe their kids. They didn't sell their skin and souls.

The story is MTV has gotten sick of the "sexed-up" image that the girls are developing in the tabloids. They want to bring things back down to the much more wholesome level of 16-year-olds who have unprotected sex! Oh thank you for that MTV, that was the best laugh I've had in weeks!

There isn't a person alive who thinks Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood will be role models just as long as they keep the doctors from slipping silicone into their chests. That ship has sailed my dears. We watch the Teen Mom shows for a "what not to do" warning for our teenagers, not to get tips on how to raise a great kid.

If these girls want to waste their money on breast augmentation instead of putting it away for orthodontia and college for their kiddos, they're foolish. But that's none of MTV's business.

Where do you think the line ends over what MTV can and cannot tell these girls to do?


Image via MTV

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