Mike Sorrentino's Sudden Release From Rehab Is a Scary Situation

Mike Just a little more than two weeks after we learned that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino had entered rehab, he's already checked out. Yes, ALREADY. 

I'm no therapist, but I'm pretty sure most would agree that that's a pretty short stint for what's seemingly a pretty freakin' huge problem we've seen him develop over the years. Of course, what problem he's actually been getting treatment for has been nebulous at best. First reports said it was just for "much needed rest and recuperation" (uh huh); then there was his admission that he was being treated for "a prescription drug medication problem." There were also reports that he was getting treatment for the problem we have all witnessed over the years -- alcohol abuse.


Whatever the problem(s), however, it seemed a lot more serious than a little two-week stint. It's even harder to believe he could be ready to return to the "real world" so quickly after sources revealed this week just how bad his problems have been over the years. A source told TMZ earlier this week that MTV had repeatedly warned him over the years and threatened to replace him if he didn't stop his drunken antics and pull himself together because he was making it difficult to even film the show. Given the company he keeps, that's saying a lot.

While I hope these short weeks were enough to get him started down the right path, I fear the potential for a relapse is bigger than JWOWW's boobs, especially when he's soon headed back to Seaside Heights to film season six of Jersey Shore. It seems like the worst possible place for anyone dealing with a substance abuse problem to go, and the best thing would be for him to take a pass, for at least a season. Sadly, I doubt that will happen, and it's scary to think what will.

It will be interesting for sure to see how MTV and The Sitch make this next season work. I can't imagine that watching him sit home sober would be all that entertaining as they don't do anything else on the show but go out and drink. I suppose he could hang out with pregnant Snooki, but I don't see that being all that fun for anyone either. However, watching him go back to his old ways and continue down a path of destruction would be even worse.

Are you surprised that The Situation is out of rehab so soon? Do you think he's destined to go back to his old ways?

Image via MTV


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