'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Needs a Boyfriend Intervention, Stat

The word on the street is that Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' boyfriend of four months, Gary Head, is considering "putting a ring on it." According to his Twitter feed, he is going to propose on in May. But don't hold your breath. The two just got back together after a breakup over his sleeping with her best friend a couple weeks before they got together.

Well, thank God these two are back together! He seems like a keeper. Keep it classy, Gary.

It gets even worse.


In a tweet, Evans said:  “yes me and @Gary_Head are over. when u tell me “im going to MAKE SURE yu never get yr child back”…yeah its over.”

It should be, too. Evans doesn't pick guys well, that much we already know. She was with Kieffer for far, FAR too long as we all know how that turned out.

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It's weird. For all the craziness of Jenelle, I do believe there is a decent person in there. We have seen glimpses of her. She exists. Remember how she was in rehab? Remember how she studies when she wants to and actually seems smart?

The problem is, she surrounds herself with awful people who only encourage her horrible behavior. She gets distracted and she lets these people dictate how she lives and responds to the world.

Head seems to be one of them.

No man who threatens you and your child, may or may not have cheated on you, and generally brings you down is worth getting back together with.

For the love of God girl, GET yourself together and find a man who is ambitious, smart, and on a decent path. Both Jace and Jenelle need this.

Does this getting back together seem smart?


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