Quelle Horreur! 'Jersey Shore' Is Going to France

Jersey ShoreAs if the world doesn't think poorly enough of Americans, Jersey Shore is continuing its world domination strategy with another conquest. Next stop for the show brought to fame by the drinking and sex antics of the guidos and guidettes in Seaside Heights -- France.

The good news is that it's not Snooki, The Situation, and the rest of the original gang going over to defile the country; they did enough damage in Italy. Rather, the French are getting their very own version of the show so they can defile it themselves. They're not going to be able to look down their (stereotypically) snooty noses for long now, are they?


But wherever will they find such classless characters amidst all their refinement and good taste? Caroline Beaton, MTV’s SVP of International Program Sales, said there are plenty of French who are just as sleazy (or something like that):

Subcultures exist everywhere, even in France, and the French can certainly party with the rest of them. It’s escapism. It’s celebratory. People can live vicariously through these characters.

It's just tres baffling to think of the French version of the meatballs, Snooki and Deena. Les Boulettes?

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The world does seem to love the show ... as horrifying as it may be, and I guess it's nice to know America isn't alone our fascination with it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the original Jersey Shore now airs on MTV in 150 territories outside of the United States and on 60 international channels. Geordie Shore -- the U.K.'s local version of the show -- is already in its third season and is raking in fabulous ratings.

Le sigh. I guess we have to face facts that no matter how outrageous or horrified we are by the antics of these people, it's getting harder and harder to look away no matter where in the world you are. Yet another fabulous American addition to world culture, yeah buddy.

What do you think of France getting its own version of Jersey Shore?


Image via MTV

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