'Smash' Recap: How to Escape From Hell in Under 50 Minutes (VIDEO)

smashThis week's episode of Smash was kind of like an explosive version of Easter. All the little eggs of mischief and poor judgement everyone's been planting just exploded all at once. The episode was called "Hell on Earth," and hardly anyone was left unscorched.

Let's start with Ivy. Last week Tom gave her the bad news: They were dropping her for a "star." Now she's at loose ends and on even more meds than before. You can see the disaster looming, right?

Ivy is starting to take on Marilyn's drug habit but she doesn't have Marilyn's career! It gets worse, though.


Ivy loses an audition for a commercial to "the Cartwright girl" with her Midwestern moon face. Karen! Could it get any worse? Oh yes, yes it can, Ivy. You wait.

Meanwhile, back in Eileen's office, everyone "hates chasing stars" and Derek is not just sticking around waiting for that to happen. He is a great director! With projects clamoring for his genius! And he stomps out the door. Not to worry, Eileen has a plan.

Julia walks into her own personal hell when Frank finds out about her affair with Michael. And then he finds out (accidentally) from Michael that this was actually their second go around. Hell hath no fury! Okay, this is horrible for Julia, but I'm not buying Frank's outrage. The actor's forehead is too smooth. Is it Botox? Why is this not working for me?

Later Julia tells Michael heroically in the cleansing rain, "I'm not letting anyone say it wasn't my fault." I can't help thinking Julia's just a little relieved not to be carrying that around inside of her anymore. It's horrible to hide something from someone you love. But I hope she and Frank eventually get back together. The worst part of their breakup is how it hurts their son Leo.

And Ivy spirals further down -- literally. All doped up on stage in a middle of a performance in Heaven on Earth (irony, get it???), she just falls flat on her face, gets chased by the star of stage, and who's there waiting in the wings but Midwestern Moon Face Karen herself. Ultimate. Humiliation.

Did I mention Tom is at his boyfriend's Republican fundraiser? More hell and a big grizzly bear.

Okay, so everything seems horrible at this point. But then, it's almost all cleaned up in the last 10 or so minutes!

1. Karen and Ivy get in a big fight, then buy some booze, get drunk, and become temporary best friends (TBFs, or something like that).

2. Elieen arranges to get "caught" having dinner with a rival director by a theater gossip/critic, who publishes the story, which Derek sees, and he's back on the project. Nicely done, Eileen!

3. Ellis, that sneaky weasel, does a little schmoozing here, a sexual favor there, and reels in a star for the musical.

4. Looks like Tom has dumped Republican John for I-though-he-was-straight dancer. Yes!

5. Julia titles the play after her life: "Bombshell." Brilliant! And also, sad face.

And for dessert we get to watch Ellis demand to be made co-producer only to get dressed down by Eileen. "You know, there's a lot more to producing that casting, and we're not even going to begin that process until you answer that phone." Delicious! 

Next week -- WTF, Uma Thurman? And Derek apologizing to Karen? This I've gotta see.

Do you think Frank was right to leave? Could he and Julia work things out?


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