'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Has Bigger Problems Than a Boob Job

Jenelle EvansIs it just me or does watching Teen Mom make you feel like being a teenager was a thousand years ago? Take Jenelle Evans. Latest news from the gossip rags is the mother of little Jace is absolutely desperate to get breast implants.

Wants I can understand. I am a card carrying member of the teeny tata club, and sometimes it's a drag. But desperate? When you have college to finish and your mother still has custody of your son because you're not up to taking care of him? Oh, and dare we mention your legal troubles of late?


In light of all that, desperate for new boobies just seems a wee bit ... I don't know ... dramatic? The claims come from "sources" other than Jenelle, and she's made fun of fellow MTV reality star Farrah Abraham before for getting implants (on the show!), so who knows if this one is actually true or just kind of sort of maybe possibly something that she might have said.

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Point is: these are the kinds of things we hear about from these mothers all the time. Everything in life is AWFUL! Horrible! Catastrophic! The world is going to end!

They certainly make for dramatic television. But they're a big fat reminder that these kids are still kids! Teen parenthood is hard as heck, and I don't envy these kids one bit. But even the teen moms on this show have relatively first world problems, especially when there are grandparent babysitters ready and willing to step in. In Jenelle's case, she doesn't even have to be primary caregiver of her own child!

Parenthood or not, at this age, most of these "stars" haven't had enough life experience to being putting molehill-sized matters like so-called "droopy breasts" in perspective against mountainous ones. And Jenelle may be the worst of the bunch. Her (admittedly naggy) mom, Barbara, so much as breathes around her, and Jenelle is off on a rant about how unfair the world is to little old her.

If Dr. Drew wants to do these girls a big favor during one of his sit-downs, he could give them a lesson in prioritizing. Boobs that don't "droop" come somewhere after regaining custody of the child you brought into this world and somewhere before resurrecting a love affair with Reefer Kieffer (because here's hoping that one never happens).

Where do you think breast implants should rank on Jenelle's agenda?


Image via MTV

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