'The Killing' Season 2 Premiere Reveals More Addictive Layers of Mystery (VIDEO)

the killingAfter the huge bait and switch cliffhanger on the finale of the first season of The Killing, were you excited to tune in for the season two premiere last night? (I sure as hell was!) I mean, this show is beyond addicting. It's been a while since any sort of "cop" show has really drawn me in, and The Killing got me hook, line, and sinker. This show is da bomb. (People still use that phrase, right?)

I know, I know -- AMC really pissed a lot of people off with the season one finale by tricking viewers into thinking that Darren Richmond was Rosie's killer, only to throw in a twist that made us scratch our heads once again as to who truly took her life. But honestly, not knowing who killed Rosie Larson only made me that much more excited for season two. How in the heck would they have been able to keep the show going if they told us who did it right away? If they closed a new case each season it would just make The Killing like every other cop show on TV. Duh.


And what's so great about this show and what makes it so much more addicting than other (similar) shows are the multiple layers of mystery that keep us guessing (and totally in the dark) as to who is behind Rosie's murder.

And while we won't know the answer to that question for quite some time, last night's show proved that Darren Richmond did not kill Rosie, though I'm still not convinced that it wasn't someone closely associated with him -- like his flavor of the month, Gwen. And we know that detective Holder was involved in framing Richmond for the killing, but I still can't figure out if he's really a dirty cop or not. My gut tells me he is one of the good guys -- but I guess with this show, anything is possible.

Along with finding out who actually killed Rosie, I'm hoping that this season sheds a little more light on why Sarah Linden gets so obsessed and emotionally tied to her investigations. There's some juicy story brewing in her past that we don't know about yet. And I'm also curious as to what kind of shenanigans Sam Larson was involved with before he and Mitch got married and had a family, etc. Something tells me that the "layers" on The Killing have only just begun being peeled back -- and I can't wait to see what is uncovered next.

For a recap of what happened in season one, take a look at the video clip below.

What did you think of the season two premiere of The Killing? And who do you think killed Rosie Larson?


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