'DWTS' Melissa Gilbert's Tattoos Are Tamer Than They Seem (VIDEO)

melissa gilbertThe new season of Dancing With the Stars is shaping up to be way more entertaining than anyone originally thought, and ABC has the cast members to thank for that! There really are some great dancers this season, and it's been fun to see people who are a blast from the past -- especially Melissa Gilbert.

I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie, and to say I was obsessed with the show as a little girl is a total understatement. Laura Ingalls was so adorable and wholesome, which is why it was kind of shocking to see Melissa step out onto the dance floor sporting a whole host (seven to be exact) of tattoos! She's definitely come a long way from Walnut Grove, but having those tattoos actually shows that she's just as sweet and lovable as her iconic character was.


All of Melissa's tattoos have a special meaning that ties in with her family or something noteworthy and important that has happened in her life. She lost her father in 1975, and his initials are now permanently on her arm. She also has the words, "Love. Trust. Hope. Believe." on her wrist, which is the motto her family lives by.

And judging from the fact that her family members have been seen cheering her on in the audience each week on DWTS, it's pretty obvious just how close knit and strong they are. I have actually caught myself getting a little bit emotional every time the camera pans over to her son after her performances. The excitement on his face is so obvious, and you can tell how proud he is of his mother. Maybe it's because their bond reminds me of the one I have with my own son, but I just can't keep myself from tearing up when I see him clapping for her. (He's beyond adorable.)

Melissa may not be at the top of the leader board quite yet, but I'm definitely rooting for her this season. And the love and support of her family will make her come out a winner, even if she doesn't earn the trophy at the end.

If you missed Melissa's performance on DWTS Monday night, check it out in the video clip below.

Do your tattoos hold special meaning to you?


Image via AwesomeArtistsLive/YouTube

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