'Teen Mom' Reality Wedding Special Sounds Like a Huge Mistake (VIDEO)

catelynn lowell tyler baltierra teen momAlthough the Teen Mom series is coming to a close, fans of the show know that it's only the beginning for fave lovebirds Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. The cute couple got engaged a while back but decided to postpone their nuptials until after high school graduation. We weren't sure when they would actually say "I do" ... until December, when 19-year-old Catelynn happily tweeted that the had set the date: July 15, 2013.

There's one teensy problem with this. It comes well after shooting will have wrapped on the series. No matter. If we know MTV -- the same MTV that is forcing another season of Jersey Shore down viewers' throats, complete with Snooki and her bun in the oven -- there's a HUGE possibility that they'll want to make sure they capitalize on Catelynn and Tyler's Big Day anyway. Noooo!


Some might argue that by the time they would actually get around to airing something like a Teen Mom Ties the Knot Special, fans might be over it. But nah. Catelynn and Tyler are such fan favorites, and given the trend of reality TV stars airing their knot-tying for the whole world to see, MTV might think it's a fab idea! They could easily resurrect their Teen Mom cams to document the couple's summer 2013 wedding. But that doesn't make it right.

Even though these two are now reality stars, they're entitled to the same respect and privacy any soon-to-be couple deserves. Pushing TV cameras in their faces on their wedding day would be exploitative and even slightly cruel.

After all, reality TV marriages seem to have a much lower chance of making it (hello Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, etc.). Even their most devoted Teen Mom viewers wouldn't want to see Catelynn and Tyler start married life off on the wrong foot, right? If fans really want what's best for their beloved couple, they'll implore MTV to keep cameras away. A few photos published after the fact in Us Weekly or People will serve fans just fine.

Here's a video of the couple opening up in their post-reunion interview ...

Do you think MTV should film and air Catelynn and Tyler's wedding?


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