Banned Madonna Commercial Proves She's a 'Bad Girl' (VIDEO)

madonna truth or dareMiddle-aged ladies, how do you know if you've still got it? When a major television network bans your perfume commercial, that's how. ABC will not be airing Madonna's ad for her "Truth or Dare" perfume until her ass and boobs are airbrushed into prim modesty. Yeow -- Tssssssss! We should all be so lucky.

Congratulations, Madonna, on still being hot enough to give TV execs the jitters. Well done, Madge! Just when we think your 50-something self is finally puttin' the sexy on the shelf, you come roaring back. Obviously you are a vampire work really hard on that censored tushie. 


I mean, sure the commercial adds a lot of smoke and mirrors. It's in black and white, everything flashes by quickly, and who knows what kind of digital wizardry went into making her body look 21 years old. But Madge brings it. And really, don't we see that much cleavage in any prime time show nowadays? I think it's the writhing and self-groping that scared the execs more than anything else.

madonna truth or dare

LORD HAVE MERCY, wherz my Viagra?

That's what he said. Yeah, Madonna. They're just scared of you and your still-bad-girl ways. Take it as a compliment. Don't get me wrong -- ABC is right to say this doesn't really work for family entertainment. But hey, it's not like you're selling fabric softener. You risked looking cheezy in this ad. And, well, it is kind of cheezy. But in a good old-fashioned sexy way.

 What do you think about Madonna's perfume ad?


Image via MadonnaXPortugal2/YouTube

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