'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Bad Friends Keep Getting Her in Trouble

Jenelle EvansAll the good news in court must be getting to Jenelle Evans' head. It's been a whole few days (!?) since the scandal-plagued star of Teen Mom 2 got off the hook on charges of cyberstalking a former roommate. So how is she celebrating?

How else does Jenelle celebrate good news? By stirring up new trouble for herself! Evans and new boyfriend Gary Head have proven she hasn't learned her lesson about smart cyber etiquette with a steady stream of particularly vicious Tweets directed at former friend Victoria Rhyne ... a girl Teen Mom watchers might remember.


Most of us know Rhyne as Tori. Remember? The childhood friend who invited Jenelle to move in with her, only to get into a fistfight with Evans in her bedroom on camera? If that's how Jenelle repays her for her hospitality, it's probably no surprise Tori sold a story about her former friend to a tabloid.

That's what seems to have started the Twitter war, although Rhyne, who goes by the handle @Vkillemm, says she told Evans she was trading stories for cash from the get-go. Whether that's true or not, it didn't stop hours of public assaults from Head and Evans spilling intimate details of Rhyne's sex-life, saying they hoped she'd die (that was Gary) and claims that she'd traded on her friendship with Evans to get money for drugs. The assaults ended when Rhyne requested the duo stop tagging her online.

There was never a sign that Jenelle was doing anything illegal, but if she wants to put these kinds of issues in her past, she needs to make two major concessions. One: pick better friends! Tori is not exactly blameless here, and Gary is far from a good boyfriend if he's the kind of guy who would publicly voice a wish that someone dies. Two: keep your nose clean ... coming off of not one but TWO arrests for alleged cyberstalking, one would think she'd steer clear of anything that has even a whiff of controversy. Of course, if she did number one, she might not have such trouble with number two.

How long do you give it until Jenelle is in legal trouble again?


Image via MTV

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