'Glee' Spring Premiere Trailer Is a Total Spoiler (VIDEO)

GleeMan oh man, I am one confused Gleek today. When Glee ended its last episode in February with a texting and driving PSA Quinn Fabray's cute little Beetle bug in a spectacular car crash, followed by the news that we would not find out the answer until April 10, I was madder than Sue Sylvester after she found out the New Directions were getting their own movie. But now that I've seen the trailer for "Big Brother," the spring premiere, I am really mad. NeNe Leakes going off on Sue Sylvester mad!

Was that Dianna Agron I spotted? In the trailer? Sitting up in the choir room, right next to Artie, looking fine?


Here, you be the judge. Skip ahead to the 31-second mark. Go ahead, I'll wait:

I was right, huh? Ladies and gents, that right there is what we call a cliffhanger fail.

We all knew they weren't going to kill off a major character, especially not after Quinn finally recovered from being all crazypants and trying to get Beth back, straightened out her life, and was headed for Yale. But for the integrity of the cliffhanger ending and to reward us for living through those horrific last few moments of the February episode, goshdarnit, the least they could have done was keep up the charade! That is, after all, what a cliffhanger is supposed to be for, people ... to leave us, um, hanging?

Now maybe this is a trick. They're showing us in this trailer, but maybe Agron won't actually get to sit up and talk for a good long time (she can make some easy money by lying in a coma for a few episodes ... Rachel won't mind singing over her, I'm sure). Fine. There are still surprises, I'm sure.

But knowing Quinn is alive, for sure, kind of ruins the credibility of the cliffhanger, don't you think? Enough to make us boycott the spring premiere to make up for the torture that didn't have to be?

Eh, who am I kidding. I'll be sitting in front of the TV at 7:59 on April 10 with popcorn in hand.

How are you feeling about the trailer? Annoyed or just relieved to have Quinn back where she belongs?


Image via GleeonFox/YouTube

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