'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Was Never THIS Serious About Ex-Husband Corey (VIDEO)

Leah MesserGood news for Leah Messer means bad news for the Teen Mom 2 fans who have been holding out hope that the young mom would reconnect with ex-husband Corey Simms. Messer and boyfriend Jeremy Calvert aren't just rumored to be engaged. They're moving full-steam ahead on two of the biggest relationship game changers there are.

These big changes put Corey's tweet about how sad he is to be single in a whole new light. It looks like his little girls -- twin girls Aleeah and Aliannah -- may be calling Calvert stepdaddy sooner rather than later. So what's up with this teen mom?


First off, Messer and Calvert -- who have been through some major drama in the past few months between a pregnancy and a subsequent miscarriage -- have made the jump to pet ownership! Easter must have come early because each of the girls now has their own little chicks that Jeremy and Leah picked up for them. I am always uneasy about people buying chicks because they're so cute ... forgetting they grow up into not-so-cute chickens, but the video of the twins getting to know their new pets is so stinking cute even the grumpy animal advocate in me couldn't help grinning:

Aww! It's nice to see the little girls looking so happy and healthy, isn't it?

Of course, adding animals means you need more space in your home. Enter major relationship move number two. Leah and Jeremy are busy house-hunting these days.

That's right. They're doing it together, which ought to make Corey feel more than a little put out. If you remember, Leah ignored his request that they put off moving and went out on a housing search with her stepdad during the last season. Just including Jeremy in the process speaks to a much happier, healthier relationship for this couple than the one we saw on Teen Mom.

What do you think of these major moves Leah is making? Do you think she and Corey will ever get back together?


Image via MTV

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