'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson Take the Plunge (VIDEO)

It seemed like the last time we saw Bachelor Ben Flajnik and his chosen lady Courtney Robertson, they were headed for a break up. But now, the two have reportedly moved in together. Any bets on how long this will last?

Look, it is swell and all that, but moving in together is not always the commitment people think it is. After all, if you really loved each other, wouldn't you marry?

So, yes, they barely know each other and sure, it is good to try out life together before plunging into marriage, but moving in together is just as big a deal with even worse repercussions.


Courtney put up with a lot from Ben and maybe she wants to give their relationship its best shot. But realistically, we all know how this "fairy tale" ends.

Moving in together is great. I have done it twice, in fact. The second time ended with a wedding and here we are more than a decade later, still in love and happy.

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The first one was much, much worse. After fights that included lock-outs, moves that required muscle protection, and far too many pay per view movies on my cable bill AFTER I had moved out, I swear a divorce would have been easier.

Good luck to Courtney and Ben.

No one in the entire history of The Bachelor (no counting Bachelorette or Bachelor Pad) has ever made it to the altar with the one they picked in the final episode. Just sayin'...  Sure, Jason Mesnick can maybe count. But other than him, there is no one.

Courtney and Ben may buck the trend, but after this season? I am not holding my breath. It's a shame, really. When I saw the big news, I had hoped it was either a break up or a marriage. This is not going to end up anywhere good.

But, oh well. Congrats to them! Moving is no fun and it sounds like her trip from LA to San Francisco went well, so hooray for that. I am sure they are drinking lots of win and praying for sunshine. And good luck, too. They will need the luck more.

To see more of them, see below:


Do you think this will last?


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