Gary Shirley of 'Teen Mom' Actually Has Women Competing for Him. No Joke.

gary shirleyJust when I thought I'd heard it all, I found out that some radio station is hosting a contest to win a date with none other than Teen Mom's Gary Shirley. Gary Shirley? Really? Who in their right mind would want to win a date with Gary Shirley?

Oh yeah, right. Probably someone who is just as interested in gaining an extra 15 minutes of fame as he is. Because I honestly just can't come up with any other intelligent reason why someone would want to date him. On second thought, forget I even said anything about intelligence. Let's make that, "I can't come up with any other remotely believable reason for why someone would want to date Gary."

Of course, contestants aren't even competing for a real date -- it's a cyber date. Hmm. A cyber date. Nope -- that doesn't make any difference as far as the yuck factor goes.


To enter, contenders have to send an email stating why they believe themselves to be deserving of a date with Gary. Good grief! I mean -- it just absolutely blows my mind that anyone would view the date as a desirable prize. Don't these girls respect themselves at all?!

But you know Gary's gotta be lovin' all the attention this contest is bringing in, especially since this season of Teen Mom is the last one. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm sure he's aware that his time in the spotlight is nearing the end of the road.

The more buzz he can surround himself with now, the better. Because something tells me that people are going to forget about Gary pretty quickly as soon as the show is over. I guess he's sort of smart to savor the few last minutes of fame that this contest brings in, because they'll probably be his last. Or will they? Let's hope so. Because I can't stand to think of where reality TV might take him next. (I shudder to think.)

Do you think the Teen Mom cast members will try and continue their reality TV careers once the show ends?


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