'DWTS' Star William Levy Has a Perfectly Good Explanation for Those Nude Photos

We're only a few weeks into Season 14 of Dancing With the Stars, and according to MamásLatinas writer Mariela Rosali, we've already got ourselves a little scandal. Uh-oh. I was wondering when this was going to happen! It seems like the American media has finally gotten its grubby little paws on the steamy pics of William Levy modeling semi-nude for the N2N Bodywear line.


I was sort of waiting for this. I mean, anyone who has been keeping tabs on William's career for a few years probably knew about this jaunt in semi-nude modeling, but since he's become the darling of this season of Dancing With the Stars, there hadn't been any mention of this chapter in the Cuban model/actor's career. Until now ...

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The Insider managed to dig up a bunch of photos for your viewing pleasure, but they are totally NSFW ... I know you will probably still want to peep them, because, I mean, have you seen this guy? So go ahead and take a peek, but I'm going to burst your bubble ahead of time and let you know that he is technically wearing underwear, even though they are sheer (side note: Is there a point for SHEER UNDERWEAR for guys?!), and there is a big, black bar across all the real goodies cause there are kids online folks.

Even though these are totally a fun peek, William looks so much better now! When asked by ET whether or not the pics bothered him, he said: "No, of course not! I was a model and I had to work."

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Even funnier than the pics resurfacing is the fact that Cheryl Burke was all over that jam weeks ago. Cheryl's response when asked about the pics: "Oh, I saw those a long time ago!" William was appropriately shocked and cracked up.

Anyhow, I think if you want to see some pics of William Levy in his birthday suit, you should check this out, or maybe this, or even this cowboy style shot -- as an expert, believe me, I have done my research. What can I say, I have a really hard job!

Now go wipe the drool off of your face and get your head out of the gutter. Sure, William is super hot, but even I'm going to get annoyed if all anyone focuses on is that! He's working hard and putting in the practice for this show and I bet he goes all the way (pun intended).

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Have you seen William Levy's naked pics? Why not -- go look now and then tell us: Do you think he has a real shot of winning DWTS?

Written by Mariela Rosario for MamasLatinas.com

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