'Jersey Shore' Reunion Recap: Mike Gets Ganged Up On (VIDEO)


Mike With all the news about Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino entering rehab this week, it was hard to know how they would handle it on the reunion. Well, they didn’t. Clearly nobody mentioned it during the actual reunion as it was filmed before he checked himself in, but there weren’t even any of those little notes on the screen mentioning it. It was a little weird, but the show went on anyway in all of its orange-glow glory.

Side note: Host Amy Paffrath is lovely, but she made me really appreciate what a master Andy Cohen from Bravo is at these reality show reunions. Let's just say she could learn a thing or two from watching him. Anyway ... first up in the hot seat on the hot couch were Snooki and Mike to discuss their alleged hook-up that we’ve heard entirely too much about for too long. Ron said it best when he yelled, “Nobody f*cking cares.”


Still they hashed it out and screamed back and forth with Snooki denying it angrily and Mike smugly sitting back and egging her on. When asked if they’ll ever kiss and make up, Snooki replied with a terse, “Get f*cking real.”

Then everyone else started ganging up on Mike. Not that he didn’t deserve it, but it was a little uncomfortable to watch ... mostly because it looked so ridiculously rehearsed. When Mike stormed off the stage after JWOWW suggested he apologize to each and every one them for having done them wrong in some way, Amy sent her after him. Once outside there just so happened to be some perfectly placed cameras there to capture the whole thing. How convenient.

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Then just as soon as he exploded in a twitchy rage, he saw the light and was back on the couch apologizing. It was lame, to say the least. Andy Cohen never would have let it go down like that.

There was plenty of review of footage from various scenes throughout the season including the camping trip, pranks, and Snooki and Deena in the ocean. Nothing new. One highlight, however, was Amy telling Pauly D his stalker, Vanessa, was there. She wasn’t, but he looked genuinely concerned that she might be.

One big shocker: Sammi and Ron have broken up ... once again. After such a peaceful season between the two, I wasn’t expecting that. Why? We never quite got an answer. They each said they were responsible for breaking it off, but agreed they were better off as friends. I guess that’s kind of sad ... but not really. More compelling to contemplate: What was up with the weird mini ponytail in Sammi’s hair?

Then after a brief reminder that Snooki and Deena don’t wash their hands after using the restroom and another look at Lola, the horny humping bunny, that was it. Except for the totally random parting words from Amy: “'Til next time, you do you, America.” WTF?

All in all it felt, forced, fake, and like another season of the show will be unbearable. Guess we’ll have to tune in to season six to find out.

What did you think of the Jersey Shore reunion? Did you think the gang unfairly ganged up on Mike? Did you think a lot of it looked rehearsed? Did you expect them to address Mike's rehab in some way?

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