‘Bachelorette’ Emily Maynard Isn’t a ‘Gold-Digging Wanna-Be Trophy Wife’

emily maynardEmily Maynard is such a lovely, likable Southern belle of a woman. There can't be a soul out there who has a problem with her, right? Of course you're wrong! Of course there's someone out there who doesn't like Emily Maynard. Because they're jealous! And don't look at me here. Look at her "friend" who called her a gold-digging wanna-be trophy wife. Oh, and who then insinuated that Maynard, who's the new Bachelorette, doesn't have daughter Ricki's best interests in mind. Yowza!


This "friend" of Emily's recently talked to In Touch magazine and said that -- and I quote: "She’s a wannabe trophy wife and a gold digger. That’s all she really cares about.” This person then regaled a story about one of Emily's recent "dates" for the show in which Ricki's elementary school soccer game was filmed in its entirety. Oh, the horror!

Look, talking trash about your supposed friends isn't cool. But talking trash about your supposed friends to a tabloid -- and adding in a few indirect jabs about the kind of parent they are -- damn, that's low.

I don't know Emily personally, obvs, but she certainly doesn't strike me as a "gold digger" or "wanna-be trophy wife." I think lots of women who go on these shows could be classified that way, but I wouldn't throw Emily into that mix. She's a single mom who worked as a hospital event planner -- and whose husband died. Sheesh. Cut the lady some slack.

I think this mystery person is just jealous of Emily. Like lots of people are jealous of Emily. She's a beautiful woman, tons of men are vying for her attention, and hey guess what -- now she's famous. That always brings out the worst in "friends," doesn't it?

Do you think Emily's intentions are legit?

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