Jennie Garth Gets a Reality Show & It Has Nothing to Do With Divorce (Supposedly)

jennie garth a little bit countryWith all the talk about Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli's divorce, we forgot to mention: Jennie is planning her very own reality show! She's whisking the girls away to live on a farm for CMT's new show, Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country.

Apparently she had no idea a divorce was in the works when she signed on for the show. Nope, no freaking idea. She definitely did not notice that her decade-long marriage was on the rocks. And she certainly wasn't thinking that maybe it would make sense to start a new project, get the kids out of town for a bit for some distraction. Nope. Not at all on her mind.


Yeah right, file this under "Wackadoo lies your publicist makes you tell." When you divorce after 11 years of marriage, it is not a surprise, and it is not a quick decision. Unless infidelity was involved -- and supposedly that wasn't an issue (um, okay, I guess). And even then you know she must have been waking up every morning thinking, "Hmm, don't know how much longer we can keep it together. Maybe I need to start making some plans ..."

And who could blame her? I'd like to direct this to Jennie's publicist, now -- we're totally okay with Jennie signing up for a project knowing she's on the verge of divorce. In fact, I think that makes a better story. "Jennie, on the run from a bad marriage, takes the kids away to the country so they can get back to What Really Matters."

It makes perfect sense. We're plenty sick of seeing other couples argue with each other on television. I'd like to see how Jennie moves forward and bonds with her daughters while feeding the chickens and making jam, wouldn't you? I think it'll make a great show, even without Peter.

Do you think Jennie knew she was headed toward a divorce when she signed on for the show?


Image via CMT

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