'Teen Mom' Leah Messer's Relationship With Fiance Jeremy Calvert Could Be Doomed

Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer
Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer in happier days
Judging from the sound of new reports in OK! magazine, Teen Mom 2 fans rooting for Leah Messer to get back together with ex-husband Corey Simms might get their wish. Or, at the very least, they might see her relationship with fiance Jeremy Calvert crumble. Apparently their relationship is "plagued by jealousy and arguments," and they even split earlier this year. Although they're back together (for the time being, it seems), they still have a slew of hardcore issues to work through.

Specifically, Leah's suspicious of Jeremy (she caught him with strippers ... oh dear), and Jeremy thinks Leah isn't over Corey. Anyone else think it sounds like this relationship sounds like one that either needs serious CPR or to be severed for good?


The source tells OK!:

Her paranoia really stresses Jeremy out and it’s pushing him away. She needs to loosen up the reins a little, but the problems aren’t all Leah’s fault. Jeremy is a typical guy, and he can be really insensitive sometimes.

Ewww, sounds like a total mess! (Not to mention, who thinks being a "typical guy" automatically = insensitivity? What the ...? Lame.) Clearly, these two need to work on the one thing that can truly make or break a relationship: Trust.

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Without it, there's really nothing keeping a bond afloat. Sure, you can love each other as much as Harry and Sally, Baby and Johnny, Bella and Edward, etc. But when it comes down to it, distrust is the most toxic poison to even the most lovey-dovey connection. Because, really -- how can you possibly have a healthy, happy relationship when you're constantly wondering, worrying, confronting one another about potential threats to the relationship?

Seems like Leah and Jeremy have to decide if they're willing to work through it (getting professional help involved wouldn't hurt) or if it's just not working, and they'll never really be able to trust one another the way they need to in order to be happy. Either way, it's sad ... But maybe the silver lining is that she'll get back with her baby daddy. Hey, when it comes to reality TV, you never know! 

Do you think Leah and Jeremy have serious trust issues? Do you agree the level of trust can make or break a relationship?


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