Courtney Robertson Won 'Bachelor' Ben's Heart Because She's Mature and Real (VIDEO)

courtney robertson ben flajnikBen Flajnik may not be savvy enough to find his way to the barbershop, but it's starting to become clear that he was really smart in his decision to choose Courtney Robertson to be his wife. Yes, I'm serious -- and no, I'm not delusional. As time goes on, she seems like more and more of a total catch. I think I might actually love her a little bit. (Gasp!)

Ok, ok, before you go getting all heated and call me crazy and tell me that Courtney is pure evil or some other nonsense like that, at least be willing to hear me out. Because the responses she gave as part of a new solo interview about her experience on The Bachelor may just change your mind and make you join Team Courtney too.


Even though she wasn't exactly an angel on the show, Court really got beyond ripped apart by the tabloids. From articles suggesting that she was pregnant with Ben's baby to people deeming her the biggest reality TV villain ever, she really got put through the wringer. (I wasn't exactly kind to her either -- sorry about that, Court.) And though she admits that the stories upset her at first, now she says that she doesn't pay attention to tabloid reports anymore, and she also understands that they only publish such ridiculous stories in order to sell magazines.

And even though that's something that most people already know, it's much harder to accept when you are the person being attacked. Most girls would probably cry and whine and insist that they'd been treated unfairly. But Courtney fluffed off the hype surrounding the reports and took them with a grain of salt. She's obviously mature -- which is something Ben realized early on.

Courtney is also standing by her man as far as his alleged cheating photos go. She is cool with the fact that Ben has female friends, as she has male friends of her own who she is affectionate with at times. She understands that gestures captured on film can be perceived in a bad light, and she trusts Ben and believes him when he says he didn't cheat on her. Most girls would've taken one look at those pics and dumped him on national television, but Court has a lot more class than that. She really seems to love Ben wholeheartedly, which makes him one very smart guy for picking her to be his bride -- and a very lucky man too!

You can hear more of Courtney's adoration for Ben in the video clip below.

Do you think Courtney was unfairly ripped apart in the tabloids?


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