'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Helicopters Are the New Limos

Tamra Barney Heather Dubrow Vicki GunvalsonTonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County felt a lot more like Grey's Anatomy as the ladies spent most of the time with surgeons. First up Tamra Barney consulted with her plastic surgeon about getting her breast implants taken out. She deemed them heavy, hard, and no longer needed to give her power. But she does need a lift.

"Third set of boobs, third man, third time's a charm," she said.

Then there was Alexis Bellino and her nose job that was shown in all of its gory details. It was seriously DISGUSTING from that long stringy membrane the doctor pulled out and waved around to the crack heard when he broke her nose. It was almost as nauseating as listening to her call Jim her king and say again in her annoying little chirp, "He just loves me."


Vicki Gunvalson was a wreck as her daughter, Briana, underwent surgery on her thyroid and faced the possibility of cancer. Vicki was her generally overbearing stuff as her daughter tried to recover in peace, but for once it was understandable.

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Then it was up, up, and away in a helicopter Heather Dubrow had commissioned to go to Los Angeles for a lunch meeting instead of driving the whole two hours. Why not? She invited Tamra and Vicki to join her on her fancypants mission, and they were off ... as was the start of the long publicity pitch I sense Heather is building for her restaurant venture. She's starting the restaurant with six of her friends, because there's just nowhere good enough for them to eat in all of Orange County, poor things.

Still, Debbie Downer Vicki should have kept her trap shut. She doesn't have many friends as it is, and her attempts to quash Heather's fun with her negativity about the restaurant biz weren't appreciated. "It sounds scary to me. Does it sound scary to you?" Vicki couldn't stop herself from butting in where she had no business. Then when her boyfriend, Brooks, called in the middle of lunch with Heather and her friends, she jumped up to talk to him and relay the important news that she now needs a helicopter. She's so not getting invited on the next fancypants outing.

Tamra at least kept her thoughts to herself, and only told the camera she thought Heather's nicey-nice relationship with her friends was "a crock of shit."

Then it was back to the O.C. where Alexis was fretting that her nose job would look like a nose job, and was pissed that Gretchen Rossi hadn't been by to visit her. Gretchen meanwhile was fretting over her job with the Pussycat Dolls and the fact that she set about three of her hairs on fire. If only to have the problems of these ladies.

Did you think Vicki was out of line? Do you think they showed too much during Alexis's surgery?

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