'The Bachelor' May Be Over but Finalists' Capes Are Still Fresh Fashion Wounds

The Bachelor finaleIt's been a little over a week, and I'm just NOW getting over the fact that Ben Flajnick picked my least fave Bachelor "villain" EVER Courtney Robertson to be his beauteous bride. I suppose there are bigger things to focus my energy on, maybe. Like the fashion choices from that fateful episode. How about we take a sec to talk about the capes, please!?

OK, so the final contestants weren't rockin' the capetastic look for long. However, before strutting out across the Switzerland backdrop during the finale episode -- both Court and Lindzi Cox wore capes a la Little Red Riding Hood over their stormy black dresses. The long accessories were, well, interesting to say the least.

I feel like I'm going sorta crazy. The cape is everywhere lately. First Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars, now these Bachelor finalists? I hate to say it, but the cape could be potentially the least flattering trend in a long while.


First off let me be clear: It's not that I personally don't like the cape. Hell, what woman doesn't love an easy-to-wear piece that helps camouflage the one-too-many scoops of Chunky Monkey they had for dessert last night? I own three of 'em, myself! The problem, though, is that it's often unflattering.

Capes don't offer much of a shape, and depending on the way they are styled -- they can make a woman look boxy. Whereas Gwyneth looked sleek and elegant in her stark white cape, both Lindzi and Courtney looked, well, sorta grandma-ish in their dress cover-ups.

Could it be that Ben got a glimpse of Lindzi's horribly ugly green velvet number and made a last minute decision to go for Court? OK ... probably not. But something tells me if Lindz (or any woman, for that matter) wants to land a handsome fella, hiding under a cape isn't helping the situation.

What do you think of the cape look? Are you a fan?


Image via ABC

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