Law Against Emaciated Models Should Be Passed Everywhere (VIDEO)

israeli modelLogically speaking, I know Israel's recent ban on underweight fashion models isn't going to eradicate eating disorders or redefine the fashion industry's incredibly narrow standard of beauty. But I still think, or hope, it's a step in the right direction: Just passed yesterday, the new law requires all models working in Israel to provide medical records proving they're not malnourished according to World Health Organization regulations (meaning, not having a body mass index under 18.5).

Models who don't measure up won't be allowed to work on the runway, in print, or on TV; any ads featuring models digitally altered to look thinner will be legally obligated to include a disclosure line.

Reasonable, right? What I like about this particular approach is that it seems more about promoting overall health than punishing individual models for developing what is, essentially, a professionally mandated illness.


Because of course when I say "overall health," I'm talking about the non-model segment of the population. You know, the young women -- and men -- who end up making themselves sick trying to attain a completely unnatural physical state.

And yes, I understand that for some people, "underweight" is actually a natural physical state. Some of us are skinny just because we're skinny. But do we really need to worry about the careers of all the poor naturally svelte models who could eat Big Macs all day and still have a low BMI?

Hardly. Maybe not in Israel, but London or New York or Tokyo? They won't have any trouble getting hired.

I can't wait to see if other countries follow Israel's lead. It's possible. Who knows, maybe similar measures already taken in France and parts of Italy (against "publicly inciting extreme thinness" and employing models with a BMI under 18) helped to influence Israel.

The world is waking up to the dangers of eating disorders too slowly for my liking, but at least it's waking up.

Do you think more countries will ban malnourished fashion models?

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