Nicollette Sheridan's 'Desperate Housewives' Case: Jury Can't Decide Why Edie Died

I'm finding Nicollette Sheridan's ongoing legal case to be very confusing. After years of seeing her plastered all over magazines and commercials for Desperate Housewives, it just really seems like she's starring in some kind of court drama show these days—I mean, she's been dressing the part impeccably, with her nipped-in jackets, severe ponytails, and giant sunglasses.

But no, I guess this is a real case, even though the latest developments sound like they were pulled straight from a TV script: yesterday she reportedly stormed from the courtroom, having learned she was just one juror away from winning her wrongful termination suit over her eviction from Wisteria Lane ... and a $6 million paycheck.

So what's next for The Leggy Blonde vs. ABC Entertainment? 


She may be counting those millions after all, because there's at least one rumor floating around that ABC's looking to settle
It's been a truly strange case so far—a murder mystery, if you will. The question posed to the jury is why Sheridan's Desperate Housewives character, Edie Britt, was killed off the show four years ago. According to Sheridan, she was written off the show because she complained that the program's creator, Marc Cherry, had struck her in the head during a 2008 rehearsal. According to Touchstone Television Productions, Cherry had plotted Edie's death months before the hitting incident—which was downplayed as a "tap" to demonstrate a playful smack he wanted her to give her on-screen husband during a scene.

The trial has been fairly ugly, with Sheridan accusing Cherry of being condescending to her, while he said she was rude, tardy, unprepared for rehearsal, and that her co-stars Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria were "relieved" when they heard she was leaving the show.

No word on whether the creator and actress testified that they hated each other and their ass faces, but it certainly seems implied.

After two weeks of witnesses, testimony, and more drama than you could pile into an episode of Ally McBeal, the jury ultimately decided on Monday that it could not decide the cause of Edie Britt's death. I mean, okay, the fictional cause of death was apparently fatal electrical shock, but as for why Sheridan was booted from the show—the jury was hung, split 8 to 4 in favor of Sheridan.

Now that the judge has declared a mistrial, the network is probably considering whether it would be less expensive to simply fork over some cash to shut Sheridan up. For her part, she may be deciding that a second trial is worth it, because she's already seen all the tricks the defense has up their sleeves.

One thing's for sure, you can see why Sheridan is suing for lost income. Being part of Desperate Housewives paid her $4 million a year, and since she left the show, she's starred in ... uh, hmmm ... well, according to IMDB, she's got a movie called Jewtopia coming out this year.

(Girl, if they offer to settle, take the money and run.)

Have you been following this bizarre trial? Do you think Nicollette Sheridan deserves to win?

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