'Jersey Shore' Coming Back for a 6th Season With 'Fist Pumps & Baby Bumps'

Jersey shoreJust when you thought Snooki's pregnancy would offer a merciful death to the show that jumped the shark long ago, Jersey Shore is coming back with a vengeance ... or at least a sixth season. MTV announced the news today, and filming is set to begin this summer.

I for one am a little shocked. With sagging ratings and a plot that was forced at best this past season, I figured IF they did another season, they'd start over with another cast. Perhaps one that isn't approaching middle age and has already banged anything and everyone in Seaside Heights. But no, the whole original cast and crew is reportedly coming back ... Snooki too. In a statement today, MTV told viewers to get ready for 'Fist pumps and baby bumps.' Lord, help us all.

America's favorite housemates will all return to their home-away-from-home, and the house dynamic is headed into uncharted territory . . .as their lives outside the "Shore" take off in exciting new directions.
They promise big surprises, but more of the same. While Snooki will be returning to the show, sources told Us she won't be living in the shore house. That's good at least, as I'm sure that smoosh room is highly hazardous to a growing fetus. And at least as of now, she says there will be no trips to Karma. "I don't want to be one of those moms who's pregnant in a club," she told the magazine. "It's disgusting." Let's hope she keeps that promise.

It will be interesting to watch Snooki pregnant, I can't lie about that. Beyond that, however, do they really have enough left to deliver another entire season? I have my doubts. 

Sammi and Ron were pretty much pieces of furniture this past season, not even offering up a good fight. Mike, "The Situation," is so annoying and ridiculous, he's unbearable to watch; JWOWW and Roger are cute, but not that entertaining; and as adorable (and simultaneously sleazy) as Vinny and Pauly D are, their whole DTF routine is getting old. There's not a whole lot to work with here.  

Of course, I'm sure they'll still draw us in, if for no other reason, than we want to see just how much worse things can get.  See you back in Seaside. 

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