Lady Gaga Tells Oprah She's Planning a 'Rebirth' (That's Rebirth, Not Birth) (VIDEO)

lady gaga oprahIs anyone else surprised that the Earth continued to revolve around the sun after Oprah's interview with Lady Gaga? I mean, doesn't that cause a celebrity supernova of nuclear proportions when you get two stars that big together in the same room? Well, once I put my sunglasses on and heard the interview, I was shocked to hear what Lady Gaga told Lady O: She's going on a hiatus!

What??? Yes. Lady Gaga is taking a break from us all, just for a little spell. Apparently she wants to have babies. NO! That's not the reason. Here is the real reason.


Lady Gaga wants some time with herself to focus more on her music. She said, "Other than this interview, Oprah, I do not intend to speak to anyone for a very long time. This is my moment for me to experience a rebirth with my music." Wow, it sounds like we're in for something totally new from her! I'm excited to see what this rebirth looks like. Given all the wildly imaginative territory Lady Gaga has traced with her music and performances so far, I can't fathom where else there is for her to go! But we'll find out eventually.

Unless this is just code for wanting to start a family? "Yes, I want kids. I want a soccer team ..." Nahhhh -- she's still just in her 20s, and there's no rush on that little soccer team. Not to diminish the important work of motherhood, but Lady Gaga does something very few of us can do. I'm way more excited about a Lady Gaga musical rebirth than a Lady Gaga baby birth!



Do you think Lady Gaga is taking a break to focus on her work -- or on a new family?

Image via ABC News

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