Courtney Robertson & 'Bachelor' Ben Are in Love -- Get Over It! (VIDEO)

courtney robertsonIf you're still shocked and appalled disappointed that Ben Flajnik put a ring on Courtney Robertson's finger on the season finale of The Bachelor, then you'd better get over it real quick -- because these two "appear" to be the real deal. And you know what? I hope they are -- because (dare I say it), I think I'm actually happy for them. Yep! I hope they are truly in love and get married and have babies and all that good stuff. It took a while, but I'm officially Team Courtney.

Since the show ended and they got re-engaged (or whatever), these two have actually been spending some quality time together doing everyday, regular things that most non-reality TV couples do. They hung out together this past weekend for some much needed alone time, and believe it or not -- Courtney was even spotted walking Ben's dog. Who would've pegged her as an animal lover?


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People can say what they want about Courtney only being on the show to get her 15 minutes of fame, but seeing her taking care of Ben's dog makes me think that she actually cares for the dude and genuinely wants to be a part of his life. I wouldn't walk some guy's dog if I wasn't into him. I'm just sayin'. Judging from the way things went down on the After the Final Rose special, she really could've gotten off Scott-free and left Ben if she really wanted to, but she seems committed to giving things a chance and making the engagement work.

And how about the rumors that came out last week about Courtney being a last minute cast addition to Dancing With the Stars? That would've been a great move for her fame-wise. But seeing as how she spent the entire weekend with Ben (and his pooch) and the show starts tonight, it doesn't look like she'll be making an appearance. If she was set to compete on DWTS, she would've spent the weekend in rehearsals instead of walking around San Francisco with a canine.

As you can see in the video clip below, Courtney isn't shy about the fact that she's really happy right now, or that she truly loves Ben.


Do you think that Ben and Courtney will last?


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