'Khloe & Lamar' Recap: Khloe Saves Her BFF's Boobs

Khloe Kardashian and Malika HaqqOnce again on Khloe & Lamar tonight, Khloe Kardashian showed us why we love her and want her as our BFF. When her real BFF, Malika Haqq, wanted to get a boob job, Khloe didn’t take the easy way out and tell her that she’d support her in whatever she wanted to do, blah, blah, blah; instead she told her it was a big mistake.

“I definitely think you have body dysmorphia,” she told her tiny friend who has a rockin' body. She said that while she wasn’t opposed to plastic surgery in general, she wanted to make sure Malika was going to do it for the right reasons, instead of due to the fact that she was still reeling from a recent breakup.

Malika fought her and said it wasn’t a man issue, but a Malika issue. Khloe didn't buy it though and took Malika bra shopping. She showed her the magical things bras can do and even stripped down herself to help Malika appreciate her own body.

Then Malika pretty much slapped her in the face


"You could get lipo if you wanted to," Malika told her. 

"Malika, that is so rude," Khloe, who was visibly shaken, told her. Then she said, "I don't care if you think I'm fat or not."

It was really rude, though I don't think Malika meant anything by it. And to be fair, she didn't actually call her fat. Maybe she just wanted company at the plastic surgeon's office, but Khloe wasn't going.

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After a consult with the surgeon, Malika did end up changing her mind. After picking out a photo of boobs she liked that were exactly the same size as her own, she realized that Khloe was right, and that she was doing the surgery for the wrong reasons. Then she made a big -- and much-needed -- mea culpa to Khloe. They laughed about the whole "fat" thing, and Khloe didn't even say I told you so. It's too bad everyone doesn't have a friend like Khloe. 

The other plot tonight revolved around Lamar Odom and his relationship with his dad, Joe. He came to understand that his dad's time in Vietnam affected him more than he'd realized and for the first time was able to link Joe's behavior to PTSD

It's so sweet to see them together, and while Joe is always asking for things -- from vacations to groceries to a hooded sweatshirt on this episode alone -- knowing why Joe is the way he is made that easier for Lamar. A trip to Camp Pendleton further confirmed Lamar's thinking that while he can't change the past, he can embrace the time he has now with his father and make the best of it.  

How Lamar will be able to handle Joe on vacation in Santa Barbara remains to be seen. They may drive each other crazy with all that time together alone, but it's great to see them both trying to work on the relationship they have now. 

Did you think Khloe handled Malika's desire to get breast implants well? Did you think Malika was out of line in suggesting lipo?

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