'Teen Mom' Is Officially Ending But the Drama Is Just Beginning

Amber PortwoodIt's about time! That's the first thought that popped into my head when I heard MTV has officially slated an end date for the popular -- albeit controversial -- Teen Mom series. Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell, and of course, everyone's favorite reality TV screw-up Amber Portwood will finally be giving their kids a chance to live without cameras tracking their every diaper blowout. Well, maybe.

MTV says Season 4 of Teen Mom -- which will air later this year -- will be the last for this show. Ever. But to all the bloggers out there saying "oh, finally an end of the drama," a word. Did you catch what else that MTV press release had to say?


They will continue to be a part of our MTV family, and we're thankful to these brave young women for sharing their stories and helping to make a positive impact on teen pregnancy prevention.

Continue to be a part of the family, huh? That's all MTV gave US Weekly, but it sounds suspiciously like the network isn't ready to let these little gold mines go for good. Can we expect a whole bunch of Dr. Drew check-in specials in the future to keep us on the hook? Maybe a spinoff on what is already a spinoff of the 16 & Pregnant series -- which comes back on air later this month (cough, great timing, cough, cough)?

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The producers may have learned some lessons along the way, especially in relation to domestic violence being committed right in front of the camera (Amber!). But it's always been the drama of these women's -- yes, they are now women -- lives that played a role in the way MTV has chosen to present the story of being a kid raising a kid in America. It's hard to believe that will change.

For starters: ending one show does not mean ending that storytelling for the network. As it stands, Teen Mom 2 is still on the air -- with Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer driving the drama train. And the girls on the two shows have crossed paths and become friends; their lives are now intertwined. And they've proven they don't even need the eyes of the camera for their fights to go public. There's certainly room for the network to keep playing up those relationships to keep milking the popularity of their first set of mom stars.

And what if MTV does cut the apron strings for good and for real? Will that end the "drama"? Absolutely not. 

The sad news in America is there is always a bumper crop of pregnant teenagers ready-made to step in and fill the whole that Portwood and crew will be leaving behind. Case in point: the four soon-to-be tabloid regulars slated to star in Teen Mom 3. They may not have the same problems as Amber or her ilk, but they're teenagers, new parents, and new reality stars all at once. Their own special brand of trouble is just getting started.

Has MTV learned its lesson with some of the disasters from Teen Mom? Will this end the drama of this reality series or will the drama just be different?

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