'Teen Mom' Leah Messer May Get Back With Corey Simms After All

One of the saddest parts of last season's Teen Mom 2 was the ending of the marriage between Leah Messer and Corey Simms. Sure, they were only married six months, but there was something about them (um, maybe their two babies?) that made me pull for them and hope they would make it. But they did not. And both spend a good portion of the season in tears because of it.

Messer has since been engaged and rumored to be pregnant again and up and down and round and round, but maybe the two are not so over after all? Simms recently made some cryptic references on his Twitter page that have set tongues wagging.

On Friday, Simms tweeted:


Being single isn't all that great like everyone make it sound like. /: #dontlikeit #ohwell #

Awww. Despite myself, I always liked Corey. He may have had his head up his ass, but what man doesn't from time to time? He seemed genuinely like he loved his wife and his daughters, Ali and Aleeah and he was far more attentive than the other dubious dads on the show.

Leah is currently engaged to boyfriend, Jeremy Calvert, so if he DID want to get back together, he would have a fight on his hands. Also, she cheated on him, which is why they ended in the first place.

But I see love there. At the very least the two are co-parenting. And while he also re-tweeted something of hers calling someone selfish and said he was "tired of games" in another tweet, one does have to wonder what all this means.

Personally, as someone who has been married nine years and happily so, I will say I saw the building blocks were there. They could have made a marriage work. There was just something about them.

OK, so yes she cheated and yes, he should not have to put up with that. But there was something special about them, no?

Would you want to see them back together? Do you think the tweets mean anything?

Image via MTV

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