Ashley Judd In 'Missing' Is One Mom You Don't Want to Mess With (VIDEO)

ashley juddAshley Judd's new show, Missing, premiered last night on ABC, and viewers got the chance to see her demonstrate some fancy fighting skills! I'm kind of bummed that I forgot to watch the debut of the show, because it's definitely one that I had on my list ever since I first saw the previews. It really does look like a good one.

Ashley plays a single mom named Rebecca Winstone, who is on a search for her son in Europe because he's -- well, missing. And of course, as a loving and committed mother, Ashley's character is willing to go to any means necessary to get her son back. Huh. Does that scenario sound familiar to anyone else?


Let's go back to the previews of the show that I initially mentioned drew me into wanting to watch it. As soon as I saw them, I had a bout of dejá vu, because the plot of the show sounded a little bit similar to the basis behind Ashley's hit movie, Double Jeopardy? Remember that one? You know -- where her husband faked his own death out on a sailboat and he and her best friend (Annabeth Gish) framed her for his murder? And then she wound up in prison and figured out that she'd been scammed and then vowed to do anything to get her son back?

Yeah -- she was a total shoe-in for the Missing role to say the least. It's amazing just how believable Ashley is playing the role of a headstrong mother who is determined to hunt down her son's predators since she isn't even a mom in real life. Then again, she does have a history of abuse in her past, so maybe taking on roles such as these helps her resolve some of the trauma she went through. Playing a protective mother may help her come to terms with all she had to endure during her childhood.

Take a look at the video clip below for a sneak peek of Missing. Isn't Ashley perfect for this role? (And doesn't she totally kick butt)?

Did you watch the premiere of Missing last night? What did you think of it?


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