'Bachelor' Bad Girl Courtney Robertson Could Save This Season of 'DWTS' (VIDEO)

courtney robertsonIt's been a few days since Courtney Robertson's engagement to Ben Flajnik on the season finale of The Bachelor, but people just can't seem to shut up about how shocked and angry they are that he fell for her sweet-girl routine. (Apparently some viewers missed the episode where she got naked in front of him, otherwise they'd get it.) Moments after he told Courtney that she was his "forever" (gag me) and got down on one knee and proposed, so many people took to Twitter and Facebook to voice their frustrations and vowed never to watch the series again.

But while some fans may be totally over The Bachelor, I'd be willing to be that if Courtney Robertson turns up on another reality TV show, most of them won't be able to resist tuning in. Especially if the rumors about her being a last minute cast addition to this season of Dancing With the Stars are true. Yep -- you heard me right. There's a good chance that by next week, the whole "Team Courtney" thing will take on a new meaning.


Am I the only one who loves the thought of seeing Courtney bring her bad girl ways into the ballroom? OMG. I can hear the crowd booing already -- and it's music to my ears. (Winning!)

For the sake of DWTS, I can only hope that the rumors are true. This has got to be one of the most boring casts in the history of the series, so adding Courtney into the mix at the last minute would be an incredibly smart move for producers. Watching contestants show off their fancy footwork is just way more enjoyable when there is controversy surrounding them, and Court certainly has plenty of that. I guess we'll just have to wait for the season premiere on Monday to see if she shows up. And if she does -- will Ben (not to mention his hair) be in the audience cheering her on?

You can hear more about the cast of Dancing With the Stars Season 14 in the video clip below.


Will you root for Courtney if she is cast on DWTS?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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