'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Clearly Forgot How to Date Only One Woman

It was the break up heard round the world when Courtney Robertson and Bachelor Ben Flajnik announced their split (and then got back together) during the After the Final Rose special during this season of The Bachelor.

It made for some drama on the show, but it may also explain the Us Weekly photos of Flajnik with another woman. Was it possible these two were just on a break? Flajnik says those photos were old, but they could have just been taken during the couple's "break." How Ross and Rachel of them, no?

The reality is, Robertson went on a dating show where the man she was with dated 20 other women at the same time. How much fidelity did she expect? Besides, a break is a break, right?


The expectations women have of men sometimes seem crazy. It's like we expect them to remain faithful even when we are broken up.

Many men WILL go out and sleep with another woman right away to get it out of their system and then we get mad and end everything after we find out? It makes not sense. Ladies, we need to give dudes a break. If we break up with them, they are free (as are we) to do whatever they want and if that means playing grab ass and kissing another woman, then fine.

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On the other hand, I would not want to be with a man who rebounded so quickly. If Ben really loved Courtney -- they were ENGAGED for goodness sake! -- then he would have waited before jumping into bed with another woman (assuming he did go home with any of those women).

We can't expect all men to pine away for us during a break up. But the way a man acts during a "break" or a break up DOES say something about his character. Some might not be bothered by it and sure, we can't get angry. After all, it is not technically cheating. But that does not mean he is the kind of person we necessarily want to spend our lives with, right?

Do you think Courtney should forgive Ben?

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