Brandi Glanville to Pen a 'Real Housewives' Book We Actually Want to Read

Brandi Glanville As much as I am fascinated by The Real Housewives and all of their drama, I've never had an inkling to read any of their books. I've never missed a season in any city, and I'm an avid reader; but somehow parenting advice from Alex McCord and NeNe Leakes waxing on about love and life just haven't sparked my interest.

A book that's supposedly in the works from Brandi Glanville of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, however, sounds too good not to read. She teased fans with a Tweet this weekend, “Brunch with my fav book agent Michael B and fav RHOBH boss Alex B." Then followed up with some interesting insight as to the topics she'll tackle, which will definitely be page turners.


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She's going to talk about her split from cheater Eddie Cibrian, surviving divorce ... and hopefully share lots of good dirt. With her penchant for blunt, balls-out sharing and an entire book to tell her story, the potential for good reading is amazingly high. If I were LeAnn Rimes, I might be kind of worried right now ... or be looking for an agent to pen my own book. 

While no one was sure about Brandi in the beginning, she brought new life to RHWBH and won viewers and the ladies with her honesty and fun-loving ways. We only got a small dose of her, but we're hungry for more, so I'd say her timing with a book is perfect. Hopefully the story she shared on the show about slashing Eddie’s tires is just a small taste of the stories she has for us.

I’m sure there’s no Pulitzer Prize in her future, but I foresee a gripping, guilty pleasure of a book that will make me glad I have the Kindle app on my iPad so that no one actually knows what I’m reading.

Would you read a book written by Brandi Glanville?  


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