'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Vicki Can’t Have It Both Ways

Vicki GunvalsonOh what a night Tamra Barney’s '80s Bunco night turned out to be. On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, we started where we left off, with Slade Smiley and his mullet making an entrance at Tamra’s odd invitation. The initial irritation we saw from Vicki Gunvalson developed into full-on rage complete with eyes wildly bugging out.

After attempting to leave once, she got into it with Gretchen Rossi and Slade over his “comedy” routine in which he compared her to Miss Piggy, as well as the big issue at hand -- child support. This is something Vicki and Tamra have slammed Slade for vehemently in the past, but now Vicki just so happens to be dating a guy -- Brooks Ayers -- who’s actually gone to jail for failing to pay child support in the past. Gretchen couldn’t handle the double standard after Vicki called Slade a “deadbeat dad.”


"You are smoking crack, Vicki,” Gretchen shouted. “Why are you dating Brooks? Why are you dating Brooks? Vicki, it's the same thing. You are so obnoxious."

How Vicki fails to see her hypocrisy, I don’t know. She says it’s different because Brooks just fell behind on his payments, which makes no sense because Slade has never been jailed for his alleged child support problems. After the brief but intense encounter, Vicki stormed out, calling Slade a piece of crap.

I hate to agree with Slade (ever), but when Vicki calls Alexis Bellino white trash and Jim an ugly troll, even if it’s true, she can’t point fingers and get all offended when someone bites back at her. She can’t have it both ways, but she’s sure trying to; she sure does like to play the victim.

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I would feel a lot worse saying all of this about Vicki given the end scene with her daughter, Briana, going into surgery with the possibility of cancer looming seriously. Fortunately, we know that Briana does not have cancer and is healthy today. So I feel okay calling Vicki a hypocrite.

Another Bunco brawl ensued when Alexis’s nose job became the subject of discussion. Tamra was making fun of her efforts to cover it as sinus surgery, and when Alexis overheard, she went ballistic and got all defensive. When she started bemoaning the fact that everyone was judging her for getting it done, Tamra chimed in with her trademark bluntness, “No, I kinda think your nose is kinda big. Just own it if you’re doing it, just own it.”

Alexis was beside herself, outraged that they dare talk about her. She kept repeating herself over and over and seemingly a bit drunk as she chastised Gretchen for not sticking up with her. Tamra pretty much nailed it when she said, “You can’t argue with stupid,” though Alexis claimed to be “a very intelligent woman” ... with a straight face and everything.

Do you think Vicki is acting like a hypocrite?

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