Here’s How Ben Flajnik's ‘Bachelor’ Really Should Have Ended (VIDEO)

bachelor bromanceSo we all felt... whatever about the finale of The Bachelor. I mean, good luck with that whole marriage thing, Ben and Courtney. Yikes! I can't say I endorse this match. But you know what I would endorse? A match betwen Ben Flajnik and Bachelor host Chris Harrison!

And who would be playing cupid for that happy couple? Why, Jimmy Kimmel, of course. Last night he revealed the alternate ending for The Batchelor, with the most romatic proposal ever seen on television! Ben... pledging his troth to his beloved host. Of course! Why didn't we see this before? It's so perfect.


Could you just die? That is SO SWEET! The Bachelor goes Bromance. Forget the ladies. These two guys deserve each other like no other couple before them, right? And Chris does have that "cute little laugh." Best Bros Forever!

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Why the hell not? It's not like anyone believes Ben is actually serious about Courtney -- or the whole enterprise of choosing a bride. It's all such a joke, he might as well take it all the way. I mean, honestly, who do you really think Ben liked the most on the show, anyway? Too bad it all ends after less that two minutes of matching-robe-wearing and spaghetti-sharing. Sad face! Oh well, Chris. Better luck next Bachelor.

Who do you think Ben respects more, Courtney or Chris?


Image via ABC

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