Courtney’s Sweet Side Came Too Late on 'The Bachelor' Finale (VIDEO)

courtney robertsonWell, it's official. Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson are all set to become husband and wife after getting engaged on The Bachelor finale last night. And honestly, after watching what went down on the After the Final Rose Show after the proposal aired, I'm really not sure whether to laugh hysterically or roll my eyes in complete disgust. Because something about Ben and Courtney's relationship just ain't right.

Of course, up until last night, most of us assumed that Courtney had played Ben like a fiddle the entire time and really had no genuine interest in starting a life with him at all. But after hearing about how insensitive he was towards her while the show was airing, I think it's safe to say that many Bachelor fans have finally switched over to Team Courtney. Unfortunately for her, it may be a bit too late.


Courtney was definitely no angel on the show, but there is a very good chance that producers edited the footage to make sure that viewers only saw the "evil" side of her. She keeps saying that the circumstances of the show brought out the worst in her, and honestly, I can see how something like that could happen. It can't be easy to try and form a lasting relationship with one man when there are all those other women vying for his affections.

All along, Ben said that he saw a softer, sweet side of Courtney that no one else witnessed. And after watching him propose to her last night -- I saw it too. You could tell that she was genuinely nervous that he might not pick her, and her lip even started to quiver a bit when he told her that he wasn't going to propose to anyone again unless he thought it was forever. And then when he switched gears and revealed that "she was his forever," she acted like a giddy little school girl. And honestly, that's how any woman in love acts when her man gets down on one knee and pops the question. Whether you loved or hated her during the season, it was pretty tough not to be happy for her in that moment. If only she'd shown that lighter, more normal side of her on the show, she'd probably would've had a lot more people rooting for her last night.

Which brings us to the After the Final Rose Show. Despite her childish antics during this entire season, you just couldn't help but feel kinda sorry for Court after seeing how truly let down and devastated she was that things went sour so fast between her and Ben. I mean -- some will probably argue that Ben did the right thing by calling off the engagement after seeing the footage of how badly she treated the other women in the house. However, no woman deserves to be cast aside by her fiancee without him hearing her side of the story. That just isn't fair.

Ben may have started The Bachelor as the man that all of America wanted to root for, but after viewing what went down last night, most of us are switching over to Team Courtney. And if Ben wants to stay engaged to her, then he'd better stand by her side from here on out.

You can see more of what happened between Ben and Courtney on The Bachelor finale in the video clip below.


Do you think that Courtney and Ben will stay together?


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