'Bachelor' Finale Recap: No One Deserves a Dude As Bad As Ben Flajnik

The Bachelor Ben Flajnik's season ended exactly the way we have been promised it would in all of the spoilers. There were no surprises thanks to Reality Steve.

*Spoilers ahead*

Flajnik is clearly not using his head (at least not the one that houses the brain). Had he been, he might have made a different choice a long time ago. Flajnik chose Courtney, the model everyone loved to hate. She is gorgeous, sexy, wild, and strange. And clearly she loves him. But why? We may never know the answer.

Much as we all wanted to believe she was evil, the real villain was Ben. He is the reason they won't last.


The fact that they have already broken up once since the proposal is a ridiculously obvious red flag. Flajnik proved over and over this season that he is relatively soulless (and ball-less). The only emotional depth he could ever even muster was when he was talking about his dead father. Certainly I feel for him (I also lost a parent young), but my mother's death isn't the ONLY thing I use when I want to feel deep. I do have other pockets of emotional depth (I like to think I do, anyway). Ben? Does not.

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Each time he cried, it was something to do with his dad. Even in his stilted, incredibly unromantic proposal to Courtney, he seemed less in love and more terrified. In his eye you could almost see him saying: "Oh shit, does this mean I only get to kiss one girl now?"

There were so many Ben red flags, they are pointless to even go over. After all, why did he choose to ignore everything the women told him until he saw it on TV? Could it possibly be because in the moment, he just wanted sex with a model?

He is welcome to claim those photos in US Weekly that surfaced this week of him kissing and playing grab ass with other women are old friends and old photos and lies. But no one believes him. The man is a straight-up sleaze bag. And not even a very good looking one at that. What is UP with that hair?

It's too bad he can't just be honest. The only reason he came on the show was to get some hot ladies. I have watched every single season of The Bachelor and this is the first one in which I really thought the Bachelor in question was disgusting. And no amount of whining and crying on TV would make it not so.

These two couldn't even make it through their sequestered period without a break-up and you know what? It isn't Courtney's fault at all. She got a dud of a man.

It's a shame in a way. The show already has such a bad love track record. Each time we hope against hope that THIS will be the good one. THIS time they will make it. Well, not this time. Maybe Emily Maynard will have better luck.

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I give Courtney and Ben another month. Two weeks if he cuts his hair.

Do you think this was Ben or Courtney's fault?

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