‘Smash’ Recap: Chemistry Brings Magic & Mayhem (VIDEO)

ivy smash chemistryTonight's episode of Smash was brought to you by: Chemistry. As in -- do I really believe the chemistry between Julia and Michael would drive them together despite Julia's desperate attempts to resist him? And chemistry as in the magic Prednisone appears to work in Ivy. And chemistry as in Eileen's eye-popping discovery that cheap dive-bar martinis taste just as good as glitzy martinis at the Carlyle.

Smash is ramping up the drama again -- but I'm having a little trouble believing it all. Anyone else feel like there was a bit of shark hopping in tonight's episode? Or should I have just had a drink before sitting down to watch?


It's almost workshop time! Eileen is wheeling and dealing with investors, trying to get a few million from a producer just to get started. Meanwhile, Derek is angry because Julia is behind in her writing. Why? Because she's got Michaelbrain, that's why. Michael ... I kissed him ... a big kiss ... I want to f--- him ... but I'm married ... etc.

Ellis, meanwhile, is worming his way into Eileen's world now (I guess Tom was too small a fish?) as The Informer. "Um, um, um, Eileen? Um, guess whaaaat." Clearly Ellis is a middle child. He grabs Eileen just in time for her to witness Ivy's vocal meltdown during rehearsals. It's like a comedy scene -- haven't I seen this before? The songbird tries to sing, but all that comes out is a croak? Well, that's what happens. And here's the reaction.

smash chemistry
Uh oh ...
smash chemistry
Oh shit ...
smash chemistry
W. T. F. (Ellis: Inorite?!?)

Turns out Ivy's throat is inflamed and she really shouldn't take steroids or anything. But of course she does. Because as Derek sweetly tells her, if she doesn't find her voice soon, "the Cartright girl" is going to replace her. And this is when the anti-commercial for Prednisone begins. Soon Ivy is hallucinating Karen as Marilyn. See what I mean about the shark jumping? I mean, this is just silly. 

But this gives us an excuse to see Tom and Ivy's straight-acting maybe-gaybe friend Sam in the same room together. Hot lawyer with his upscale minimalist furniture? Yawn. Sam with his "can we turn on the Rangers game?" Mwrow! Tommy like! Once again, you can't explain chemistry.

Meanwhile, there's our favorite illicit couple, Julia and Michael. Julia would be fine, just FINE, thank you, if Michael would just leave her alone. But no -- he calls, he texts, he gets her to meet him alone in the rehearsal studio. He gets her to take her blouse off "just to look" -- yeah right! And then Julia gets that "Oh shit, I am going to have sex with Michael" look in her eyes. And guess whaaaat? She does.

(Personally, I don't get the Michael thing. He has a weird mouth and average looks, imho. But I'm not the one sleeping with him, so who cares what I think.)

But the upside of chemistry is that once Julia gets laid, she can focus and finish writing that libretto. Game on. Also, chemistry sure makes Ivy fiesty! Her veins gushing with Prednisone (or whatever it is), she sings like a bird during rehearsals. And when Derek criticizes her she lashes out.

"MAYBE you can give me notes without the public humiliation!" she yells. And she keeps yelling as she stomps out of the rehearsal, ending with "MAYBE I need to stop sleeping with men who are narcissistic pricks. You're not that good looking. AND YOU'RE NOT THAT GOOD IN BED, EITHER!" 

"Steroids," Derek mutters, nonchalantly. Something tells me he's been yelled at this way before. A few times.

Well, Eileen loves a good show. And after, she takes her new best friends out for drinks at her new favorite dive bar, where everyone enjoys cheap martinis and she announces that she's just leased a new luxury apartment on the Lower East Side! (New Yorkers, this is your cue to pretend this is still a cheap neighborhood.) She toasts: "Here's to change!"

Is that a hint about next week's episode?

How much longer do you think Ivy will hold on to the role of Marilyn? 


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